!!! Shree Hanumaan Temple !!!

During the excavation work for laying the foundation of his house, Late Shri. Sadashivrao Gogate, one of the founder members of the Hitawardhini Sabha, discovered the Hanumaan idol which is in worshipping services today. For quite a few years, the idol remained with the Gogate family. But after the foundation of Hitawardhini Sabha, Sadashivrao offered the Hanumaan idol to be established in the Hanumaan temple built by Shri. Teredesai in the year 1934. During the years 1956 – 1959, Late Shri. Ramkrishna G. Katdare, another founder member of the Sabha, had the Hanumaan temple renovated. The renovation was difficult due to lack of funds then. But Shri. Katdare took immense efforts to collect donations and accomplished the work.

Every year the festival of Hanumaan Jayanti is celebrated with much joy and enthusiasm. Since its renovation in 1959, Late Shri. Rambhau Sahastrabuddhe took much efforts to arrange funds for the temple for ten long years; an effort much commendable. The temple that we see today with spacious “Sabha Mandap” was finally completed in the year 1982. Shri. Chandrasen Shevade’s and Shri. Hemant Bhatavadekar’s work in this regard is noteworthy.

The temple has been visited by many dignitaries over the years; “Vaachaspati Kshirsagar”, “Panchangkaar Late Shri. Dhundiraaj Shastri”, "Govindswami Aafale", “Kalyanbuva Ramdaasi” are among the notable spiritual speakers. Every year the temple is lit by thousands of Diyaas on the occasion of Tripuraari Purnima.